Nylabone Dog Chews

Your dog is more than just a pet. He's a companion and a friend, he looks to you for the utmost care that you would provide to yourself. There are many things you need to do to make your dog feel like a member of the family, and among this care is keeping up on his dental health. Brushing your dog's teeth can prove to be difficult, so there are other options available that guarantee good dental health, without the difficulty.

There are many dental care products on the market for your dog, from chews to specially formulated treats, to the more cumbersome tooth brushing kits. Some of these items can be a hassle, and many don't provide the benefits tha they claim to. Tooth-brushing is near impossible, and treats are more often than not, just treats.

This is why dog chews are often time the best way to go. Nylabone brand dog chews are the front runner in these products, and they offer a wide variety of chew toys that provide multiple benefits for your dog's health, both dental and mental. The dental benefits come from chewing the toy and keeping the jaw active. The mental benefits come to both you and to your dog, as the nylabone dog chews keep your animal from chewing on furniture, clothes and other household items.

Dogs like to chew. Plain and simple. Providing them with a dog chew toy, especially a nylabone brand dog treat, allows them to work out their natural chewing instinct, but it protects all of your personal belongings from ending up slobbery or destroyed. With the added benefits of dental benefits, this is truly the toy you should choose for your dog.

Among the line of nylabone chew toys are edible products, as well as a variety of non-edible products that allow your do a very good amount of choice. The edibles are made from natural ingredients, and the non-edibles include a variety of types. There are types that are made for the smaller mouth, as well as non-edible toys designed specifically for the dog that has a stronger mouth and chews harder.

Either way, your dog will benefit, and you will benefit as well when choosing the correct chew toy.