Rawhide for dogs

Rawhide is the inner layer of hide from the cow. The outer layer is used to make leather and related products while the inner layer is used to make products like rawhide, glue, and other related products. Rawhide is used to make chews for the pets like the rawhide bones which are more beneficial for the dogs. Among the benefits of the rawhide for dogs, some are avoiding plaque, good oral health, stress reliever, entertainment, and alleviating teeth pain due to growing teeth.

As a dog owner it is necessary to choose rawhide chews that are of good quality. As we know that rawhide is made from the hide of the cattle, a lot of processing is done on the hide before they are transported. Some toxic chemicals are also used in the process. These harmful chemical should not affect your dogs. Rawhide chews made in America follow strict standards which makes it safe for your dogs. So it is better to buy good quality rawhides for your dogs. When you choose rawhide make sure that they are done with a single piece and not multiple thin strips. In quality rawhides there would not be any smell. Due to the benefits of the raw hide most of the dogs owners prefer to buy them but if you do not have access to good quality rawhide for dogs it is better to go for alternatives to rawhides.

Although quality is one of the options that you should keep in mind the other is the size of the rawhide chews that you buy. Make sure that the size is appropriate for your dog or puppy so that they do not swallow the rawhide chews. If they swallow risks of choking or blocking is there. Sometimes there is risk of blockage in the intestine if they swallow and this might need a surgery for your dog. So make sure that the rawhide bones or chews they chew do not chip away when they chew. Some of the rawhide chews were to found to have bacteria that might cause diseases to your dogs and for yourself.

While choosing the rawhide bones for your dogs makes sure that the hardness and the texture are appropriate. A chew with good harness would last long than those that are brittle. Consider the chewing habits of your dog when you choose the size of the rawhide bones. A smaller one is suitable if your dog chews for shorter duration. Also consider the flavor that your dogs likes the most.

Plaque in the teeth would cause a lot of diseases if left unattended to. If you give rawhide bones to chew for your dog, the chewing process would remove the plaque slowly. It is a natural way to remove plaque and prevent any future diseases caused by the tooth. In the small puppies, it helps to relieve the pain caused in the tooth due to the growth of the tooth. Some of the dogs that chew rawhide bones might get a skin allergy after they start chewing the rawhide bones. Chipping of the tooth is possible when the dog is chewing rolled rawhide bones. That is why you should go for a single piece rather than rolled ones.