Dangers of rawhide chews

One of the most popular treats for dogs are rawhide chews. Owners love them because they're relatively cheap and can keep a dog entertained and satisfied for hours and hours. Not only that, but they keep a rambunctious pet from gnawing on your shoes or furniture. As great as these treats may seem, there are some definite dangers associated with rawhide as well as other types of chews.

A less obvious danger is that these chews can be a breeding ground for bacteria. A lot of dog chew products can come from outside the United States where safety laws and precautions are less stringent. There can be dangerous additives in the rawhide that are not listed on the packaging. Some rawhide chews have been found to contain dangerous levels of arsenic, antibiotics that can kill good bacteria that your dog needs, and even forms of insecticide. All of these dangerous additives can cause serious health problems for your pet. Common ailments from rawhide chews are vomiting, diarrhea, fever or dehydration. Other problems not associated with the additives themselves but from the structure of the chew can be choking, intestinal blockage and a sore throat.

No matter what, some people just love rawhide chews for their dogs. If that is the case, take some precautions to minimize the potential problems above. Make sure you're always around when your dog has access to a rawhide chew in case something goes wrong. To cut down on the chance of choking make sure to remove and get rid of any small pieces that break off. Also, make sure to buy products that are made in the USA, as the safety regulations are more strict then in other countries.

No matter their age or breed all dogs love to chew. They need to chew. So the question becomes what to let them chew on' As we've seen, although widely used, rawhide chews may not be the best choice. There are some serious dangers associated with them. However there are other alternatives that are just as effective. Consider buying your dog marrow bones or meaty bones to chew on instead.